Have you wondered if a vaccine REALLY caused an adverse event?

Learn more about it by registering for the WHO’s eLearning course on The Principles and Processes of AEFI Casualty Assessment to determine if such events are:

Vaccine related

Vaccination related

Patient related


Learn more about it by enrolling for the WHO’s eLearning on AEFI Casualty Assessment

AEFI Casualty Assessment

Casualty is the relationship between two events (the cause and the effect), where the second event is a consequence of the first. A direct cause is a factor in absence of which the effect would not occur (necessary cause). Sometimes there are multiple factors that may precipitate the effect (event) or may function as co-factors so that the effect (event) occurs.

AEFI Casualty assessment is the systematic review of data about an AEFI case; it aims to determine the likelihood of a causal association between the event and the vaccine(s) received.

About The E-learning Course

The Principles and Processes of AEFI Casualty Assessment e-learning course focuses on guiding the learner to undertake a systematic and standardized process for assessing causality of a serious adverse event following immunization (AEFI) using the WHO methodology.

The AEFI Casualty Assessment Software e-learning takes the learner through an immersive “learning-tour” of the AEFI causality assessment software developed by WHO.